2006 Prices
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(Departure by 10am)

Weekly Rate


Linen Charge per person per change ús*
December 31st  to  March  18th 180.00 5.00
March 18th to April 1st 180.00 5.00
April 1st to  April 22nd 220.00 5.00
April 22nd to May 27th 220.00 5.00
May 27th to July 1st 270.00 5.00
July 1st to August 26th 390.00 5.00
August 26th to September 2nd 350.00 5.00
September 2nd  to September 30th 260.00 5.00
September 30th to October 21st 180.00 5.00
October 21st to November 4th 220.00 5.00
November  4th to  December 30th 160.00 5.00
The above assumes people will be using Saturday to Saturday stays
Please contact us regarding prices for non standard lengths of stay.
See the Terms and Conditions for additional Information.

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