Getting to Colombiers

                         By Air


Probably the simplest way to get to Colombier is by Air, picking up a hire car from the Airport. 

Colombiers is about an hour from each of Monpellier, Carcasonne and Perpignan Airports (See below for details which will be expanded as we gain more experience of the area).


1. From Montpellier Airport

Pick up the A9 Montpellier to Narbonne/Perpignan autoroute. At Junction 36 leave the autoroute and follow the directions as in 'The Last Part' below.


2. From Carcassone Airport (Salvaza)

Head for the autoroute (A61/E80) Carcassonne to Narbonne. Follow this to the junction with the A9 autoroute (Perpignan to Montpellier).


Get onto the A9 going north to Narbonne, Beziers and Montpellier.

At Junction 36 leave the autoroute and follow the directions as in 'The Last Part' below.


3. From Perpignan Airport (Rivesalte)

As you come out from the baggage hall, there are car hire booths  on your left.  If you arrange and pay for or a car over the internet before you fly to Perpignan, you only have to complete your details and hand over your printed confirmation before collecting your keys.  Check that the insurance provides all the cover that you need so no-one is tempted to try and sell you additional insurance.  It is worth one of you going straight out to the booths before the luggage arrives to save being in a queue!

The cars are parked in numbered bays in a car park diagonally to your left after you  you come out of the main doors.  The number for the keypad to get out of the car park is marked on the top of your car hire docket.

Turn Left then immediately right and follow the road (On the right!) to the first (new) roundabout -  go straight over.

At the next roundabout, go straight over again (signposted Perpignan).   There are two lanes (both lanes take you over the A9), keep to the left - the right hand lane will take you down onto the A9 South towards Spain!  

As the right hand lane veers away,  go straight on (signposted Centre Ville) and turn immediately left around the adjacent small roundabout, bearing immediately right down onto the N9 North to Narbonne, Beziers and Monpellier.

After 7/8 kilometres you will see a sign of to your right containing the word 'Peage' meaning Toll.  Bear right and follow the road around, over the N9 to another roundabout.  Take the exit into the Peage toll booths.  Drive through, collecting your ticket, and proceed onto the Motorway, The A9 (for Autoroute/Motorway), North to Narbonne, Beziers and Monpellier. 

Stay on the motorway, following signs for Beziers and Monpellier until you come to Junction 36 just south of Beziers where you exit and follow the instructions on the next page - 'The Last Part!'


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