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Getting in (and Out) of Beziers!
Beziers is an attractive Town to walk around but getting into the Town by car is less simple than it might be!

On the assumption that you agree with my parking area of choice - the underground car park under the main square off of the Allées Paul Ricquet in the Town Centre - then this is how to get there from Colombiers!

Drive past the New Port and continue up to the new roundabout on the N9.

Turn left, following the signs to Beziers.  After about 3 kms, the road loops down a long hill with Beziers' Cathedral visible on it's escarpment ahead then to your left

You drive under a railway bridge with an orange light on your right to warn you that the bridge sticks out into the road.  A Major road then joins you from your left and you should get into the left hand lane - the road is effectively one way now.

After a couple of hundred yards the road bears gently left adjoining the road coming out from Beziers then turns sharply right being one way again!

Stay in the left hand lane then take the next VERY sharp left hand turn (1).  Keep straight on past right turn (2), a small Place on your left and the Credit Agricole du Midi Bank on your right and after a couple of hundred yards, there are some traffic lights.  Turning right takes you over the town bridge (turning left would take you back out of Beziers).

After crossing the bridge, (with the old town bridge on your left, the railway bridge some way off on your right and the Cathedral looking down on the river from on high) the road bears right and after 2/300 yards there are some traffic lights.


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