Instructions for Using No. 15

Please do not park for more than, say, 30 minutes outside the house. Our neighbour opposite cannot get his car out of his garage if you do.

Parking in the main village car park overnight seems quite safe.  There are also a few parking spaces at the far end of the Church which is closer and appears equally safe.


You will need to turn the stopcock on which is under a cover in the street to the right of the front door as you look at the house. Please turn it off as you leave.

The cover can be lifted by hand from the right side.



Here the stopcock is seen in the ‘open’ position. Turn it at right angles to the flow to close it.




There are two locks on the front door.

Here they are seen from the inside of the door. From the outside, however, the upper lock turns anticlockwise to open. The lower lock turns clockwise to open in the normal way.

The upper lock has a deadlock on it and can be turned twice to lock it.

Please make sure these locks are set each time you all leave the house.




Turn the power on at the mains switch on the right as you walk into the garage.

‘0’ is off, ‘1’ is on.

Please turn off on leaving.



Once the electricity is turned on, the hot water tank heats the water automatically. 

It will need a couple of hours to warm up.

A tank of hot water will do two average showers.






The plumbing is in good condition but this being France, it is best to give it the benefit of the doubt!  Therefore do not use LARGE amounts of toilet paper down the loos or they may block.

The upstairs loo -->







      <-- The downstairs loo


The Cooker

You will need to turn the butane gas on at the cylinder.

Turn the grey tap (left of picture) to the upright position.

Press the grey button (right of picture) a few times until you hear a ‘puff’ of gas being released. The cooker is now ready to use.

I advise you to do this each time you cook.


  Make sure the gas bottle is switched OFF when you leave.



The Fridge & Microwave at the top of the stairs.

Just plug these in when you arrive and use as normal.

Please try to keep them clean and empty them on your departure.

Make sure they are unplugged when you leave.

The fridge door should be propped open when you leave to allow air to circulate and keep the inside fresh.




We do not currently have a Telephone in the house. Your mobiles may work calling from France to the UK. Taking calls in France from the UK may be more difficult. If you wish to use your mobile phone in France you should call your provider and ask for the phone to be enabled to work in Europe.  Note that call charges are exorbitant so keep an eye on all your calls!  Orange works particularly well as it is French-owned.







Leaving Checklist:

  1. Ensure that the tap on the gas bottle is turned off.
  2. Close all shutters and, in particular, on the windows to the balcony – make sure the shutter mechanism is latched behind the metal plate at the top of the doors.
  3. Make sure the window in the downstairs bedroom is closed.
  4. Unplug all electrical equipment.
  5. Put the plugs in the sink plug holes (to prevents the odd insect getting in!).
  6. Remove all perishable food from cupboards and fridge – give any usable stuff to Lily (next door on the right as you leave the property).
  7. Throw out the rubbish bags - use the large wheelie bins that are strategically located around Colombiers (there is one near the old pump opposite the bottom of the Descent de Coiffures).
  8. Turn off the electricity (see above).
  9. Turn off the water (see above).
  10. Deadlock the top lock on the front door and lock the bottom lock.

…and you’re away!


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