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The largest nearby town, Béziers old town is set on an escarpment facing South with the old Cathedral looking out over the river Orb.  The old town packhorse bridge is now one way only coming South out of Béziers but this is paralleled by a more modern but still venerable stone bridge that carries the main Southern route into (as adverse to around) Béziers.


The view from the main bridge across to the old town bridge with the Cathedral looking down is the classic picture of Béziers.



A railway bridge some 300 yards away to the West carries the railway over the river and is followed by a modern road bridge then the Canal du Midi with it’s very own river bridge.

The old pump house on the River Orb, easily visible from the Cathedral ramparts is supposed to be worth a visit.  It pumped the water from the River up the escarpment to the developing town and has some unique features


Somewhat more macabre is the old Cemetery which is also considered to be worth visiting!  This looks out over the River Orb up the escarpment from the Pump House.


The Canal du Midi has it's own quay near the railway station and the multiple locks of Fontséranes are only a few minutes walk away from the river. Early in the Canal's history it was used for moving  heavy and bulky items and Beziers benefited greatly from the business that came its way.


There are two parallel roads in the old centre along with an associated Place and a grand statue which honour Paul Riquet, the man who dreamed up and masterminded the building of the Canal du Midi.

Historically Beziers is very important having survived the destruction of the Cathars under Simon de Montfort and bounced back to mastermind the selling of wine for this particularly fruitful region.



There are a number of churches worth visiting, the cathedral with it's ramparts looking over the valley floor is a must and the views are certainly worth a look although there are other museums and buildings of interest spread about the town.



At one end of the Allées Paul Riquet is a grand Theatre which is still used to present theatrical and operatic events on a regular basis. 


Don't forget to visit the regular Friday Flower Market set between the trees that line the Allées



The old covered and restored market near the cathedral is also worth a visit and don't forget some quiet walks into the Poet's Gardens (which go from one end of the Allées Paul Riquet to the Railway station).



There is a very busy commercial part of Beziers with large supermarkets and large out of town style shops on the Eastern corner of Beziers.  These are also near the Stade de Mediterrane, an international standard Rugby field with ultra modern stands.  Rugby is closely followed in Beziers!


See the in (and out) of Beziers page for the best way to get into the town centre.  It gets very busy in peak season but is worth the kerfuffle to get there!


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