Shopping & Essentials



The essentials for living are available directly in Colombiers..

Turn left out of No 15 (1), walk 100 yards to the end of the road and turn right.

The Butchers (2) is on your left and the Bakers/Cake shop (3) is diagonally  to your left on the other side of the road.

Turn right then first left for a General Grocery shop (4).

OR turn left and walk another 150/200 yards to the New Port for another General Grocery Shop (5).

If you continue around past the amphitheatre there is a small row of shops including the Cafe Newport (6), a Tabac (8), a Flower shop and a pharmacist.  The New Port also houses a Doctors for emergencies.

For additional shopping you may wish to go to Nissan or Beziers, each increasing in size as well as variety of shops! 

Nissan has a gift shop, bakers, paper shops, grocers, hardware, a supermarket on the outskirts, a hotel/restaurant and a number of bars/cafes.  Capestang, further South along the Canal du Midi has a larger supermarket and a DIY superstore on the outskirts as well as the usual shops in the centre.

Beziers has a variety of shops both on the route in, in the surroundings of and the old town (including all the shops that you would expect of a significant town such as gift shops, book shops, Clothes shops, CD Shops and department stores) as well as a number of markets and a large commercial centre with hyper markets and all the large out of town type developments you might wish for.  If you have a need to venture to the large supermarkets you will find you have a very large choice of good quality foods and products (i.e. GEANT) otherwise for you food supplies you might prefer to stick to the closer supermarkets and shops. 


French local shops are very much owner run and they will appreciate your custom.

Don't forget the French bake their bread three times a day so expect to get your breakfast baguette between 7:30 and 8:00 am, your lunch time baguette BEFORE 12:00 and your tea time loaf at any time up to 7:00 in the evening!

Opening Hours

Shops open from between 7:30 a.m to 8:00 a.m.

Everything stops for lunch - The majority of shops will close from at least 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., many will not open before 4:00 in the afternoon. 

Most Shops will be open into the early evening.

The only shops open on Sunday AND (not all) on Bank Holidays are Bakers and they might only open in the morning so don't miss out!

Many shops will also close on Mondays.

Seaside resorts that cater for holiday makers more are likely to have a wider range of opening times but don't bank on it!


Banking hours can also significantly shorter than out own.  Expect them to close BEFORE 12:00 pm and they may not always be open before 9:00.  Don't rely on them being open, plan to have the resources that you need in hand before closing hour approaches and don't forget Bank Holidays!


Buying petrol near Colombiers should not be a problem.  Drive up to the new roundabout on the N9, a busy main road, turn right and the petrol station on your left in a couple of hundred yards is open every day.  It also supplies gas bottles!

However, further inland, petrol stations can be significantly fewer and, being more rural and with more varied opening hours, it is wise to top up when you can!  Larger towns might have petrol available but finding it can be a problem!  The problem is worse on Sundays and Bank Holidays!

If you have a  rental vehicle which is supposed to be returned with the tank full, try to fill up as close to the airport as possible.  Apparently the charge made for refilling the car by the Hire Firms is a great deal more than the local fuel prices might lead you to suppose!

N.B.  'Essence sans plomb' is unleaded petrol and 'Gasoil' is Diesel.


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