Eating Out




There are four obvious eating establishments in Colombiers - (See the end of the Directions page and the Shopping Page) for a detailed map of Colombiers:

The Cafe Newport, a lunch time Bar/Cafe/Restaurant in the Port next to the Amphitheatre - a popular destination with good home cooking, Dishes of the Day and excellent,  Omelettes (particularly good!) and Salads.  Good for inexpensive eating out.

The Pom' Cannelle, also in the Port next to the Amphitheatre but down next to the canal.  Excellent, home cooked Pizzas.  Open at lunchtime and in the evening.  Their Salade Fermiere is particularly good!  Good for inexpensive eating out.

The Main Restaurant, also in the Port next to the Amphitheatre but on the left is noticeably more expensive. 

If you are looking for good food at a high price then you should investigate the Restaurant at the Chateau which includes a Gourmet Menu as an option.  Nice surroundings with the garden overlooking the canal. 


The Restaurant in the Hotel de Residence, which is open to non residents has a choice of set menus starting from 20 Euros each.  The owners, like all the people we have met, are very obliging.  In the summer you can eat on the terrace overlooking their pool - Excellent food, good company and nice surroundings!


There is a restaurant, The Tower Restaurant, on top of the hill with nice views over the Etang de Montardy towards L'Oppidum d'enserune although we haven't eaten there yet.


Beziers is a large town with a plentiful supply of restaurants, many clustered around the Allee Paul Ricard; the large walkway and square in the town centre.  A wide choice of restaurants can also be found in the small street surrounding the old Cathedral.  Investigate and find the ones that suit you most.  We like Le Crystal, on the corner of the Square and Allee Paul Ricard (near the Statue) but there are a number of attractive restaurants in the back streets near to the Cathedral.

Valras Plage

The nearest beach resort to Colombiers, about 20 minutes drive from the house.  As with most of the coast from Sete to The Pyrenees, the mountain range between France and Spain, it consists of clean, golden sands stretching as far as you can see.  Very popular with the French and extremely busy during peak times.  There is a choice of restaurants although many will close out of season there will always be a few to choose from.


Agde is the old town and has a wide choice of Restaurants, particularly during peak season with many attractive restaurants located on the riverside.  Cap D'Agde also has a wide choice although being somewhat seasidy and seasonal it may not suit everyone.  Be aware that Cap D'agde has a large Nudist Beach and relaxation area.  Both Agde and Sete have two sides, the Mediterranean and Bassin du Thau; a salt water lake backing the coast


This is the second largest French Port on the Mediterranean. It has two sides, the Mediterranean and Bassin du Thau; a salt water lake backing the coast and the road between Agde and Sète.  There is a wide choice of restaurants with views out over the sea and the river which, combined with the bustling nature of the Port makes for a convivial atmosphere.


Being the largest fortified city in Europe and designated a site of world interest, Carcasonne is very busy with tourists.   There are plenty of places to eat with a large range of prices.  You may find restaurants in the fortified old town and even more in the Ville Basse over the two river bridges.


In the valley of the Orb, North of Beziers towards the mountains is Roquebrun, an attractive little town on the river orb.  The Herberge restaurant near the information centre in Roquebrun has an excellent reputation.


Major supermarkets often have excellent value restaurants associated with them.  Examples include the two GEANT supermarkets in Beziers (one of them near the Stade de La Mediterrane in Beziers).


Most small towns will have a choice of restaurants and cafes so there is no reason why anyone should go hungry.


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