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When the lights are green, go straight over the junction which solely exists to allow the one way traffic from your right to cross the road and go down towards the town bridge.  Follow the road as it bears left and climbs the escarpment, climbing into a shopping area.

At the top of the rise, you come to the Place Garibaldi, a cobbled roundabout surrounded by large black cast metal balls.  Skirt this and continue straight on upwards taking the left hand lane after a hundred yards or so (and the Aldi store) before turning into the underground car park through an arched tunnel.  Take a ticket from the machine at the end and find somewhere to park!

The car park is on three levels, the tunnel entrance being the lowest entry point.  We normally turn right and follow the car park around in a loop before taking the circular loop up to the different levels.  Certainly at night we tend to park on the top level and we normally exit from that level as well. 

If you walk out of the tunnel, there are steps to take you up to the Place above.  If you are on the top floor, take the pedestrian exit up through a metal door, emerging near the fountains in the centre of the Place.

See the map for places to visit and allow yourself enough time to enjoy the town - there is a lot to see!

(1) Going straight on (in the right hand lane) takes you under another railway bridge, skirting the Canal du Midi, the Railway station and leading you onto the road along the South East of Beziers - ultimately towards Agde on the Mediterranean.

(2) If you turn right at the junction BEFORE the traffic lights, it will lead you out on the road to Valras Plage on the Mediterranean.


Getting back to No. 15!

Pay for the parking (on the top floor the machine is in a small room opposite the top entrance from the small office), and exit through the barrier.  Turn right and skirt the square, following the road around two sides of the square before bearing left to a roundabout the left down a hill.

At the bottom, turn left at the 'T' junction which brings you down to the Place Garibaldi again where you turn right.

Follow the road down and around, over the traffic lights and over the town bridge.  The road bears to the right and, after a couple of hundred yards bears left again - it is three lanes wide at this point,  Keep to the middle lane as the right hand lane bears of to the right after a little while.  After another three or four hundred yards, the remaining lanes bear left in a right angle with traffic joining from your right.  You need to be in the right hand two lanes as in another 150 yards you bear round through a right angle to your right onto the N9 signposted Narbonne.  This takes you out under the railway bridge you came under on the way in and all you now have to do is follow the road for about 4 kms until you reach the new roundabout where you turn right down for Colombiers and No. 15.


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